Frequently Asked Questions2020-07-16T12:54:17+00:00

Frequently Asked Questions

Dedicated to Improve cash flow and reduce bad debts

What is Your Rate?2020-08-04T11:58:07+00:00

We charge a fixed rate of 6% with no annual increase.

What is the time frame of managing and returning my data?2018-12-10T08:16:15+00:00

We submit claims within 48 hours of receiving them.  Some medical aids pay weekly, others pay fortnightly and others pay on a monthly basis

Will I be required to sign a contract?2020-07-17T10:02:07+00:00

Yes, we do have a contract which you can cancel at any time, as long we receive a month’s notice. However, we do request 90 days for Roandah Medical Billing Services to finish collecting the outstanding claims that have already been processed from our side.

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